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Scams. Spot them. Stop them.

Angus Mansfield | 18 September 2019

Scams. Spot them. Stop them.

Spot scams before they hit your mailbox

According to the ACCC Australians are set to lose more than $532million to scammers in 2019.  Scammers are smart and driven.  Their employees are trained and incentivised to trick, infiltrate and hack businesses for their data and money.

Be alert. Educate your staff on defending against cybercriminals. To help we have put together this infographic on types of scams, how to spot them and what to do and not do.

6 common business scams. Beware.

  • Invoice for goods or services scams
  • Payroll scams
  • ATO and tax scams
  • SEO impersonation scams
  • Investment scams
  • Banking and finance scams

Beware. Emerging threat to business.  AI generated audio or video is used to impersonate CEO or leader

Spotting scams.

  • Unusual email address
  • Emails not personalised
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Poor grammar, punctuation and sentence structure
  • Distorted logos
  • Request to click a link
  • Get rich quick offers – real estate projects, share promotions
  • Hugely discounted sale prices on products

Stop. Think before you click.

  • Don’t click a link or open an attachment
  • Hover over the sender details to see the URL
  • Before making any first-time payment, call the person or the company on a trusted number
  • Don’t reply to a questionable email
  • Delete the email from your inbox and delete box
  • Ensure all email accounts have strong passwords
  • Set up MFA (multi-factor authentication)
  • Have a payments approval process with multiple approvals

Black-listed companies.
ASIC has set up a list of black-listed companies who have made unsolicited calls or emails to businesses and individuals. These companies don’t have a current Australian Financial Services licence or a credit licence with ASIC.  Don’t deal with these companies:

Click here for more information

Make security part of your culture.

Hackers are hungry to get their hands on your data and money.  XCentral recommends you:

  • Develop a culture where staff are security alert. Encourage them to question unusual requests or payments.
  • Educate your staff on the types of scams and what to look out for
  • Have a multi-layered approach to your cybersecurity – approval processes, password protocols, MFA, the latest security software, moving software to the cloud.

Cybercriminals are at play daily.  Our clients business stability and security are paramount to us.  We are constantly looking for new solutions to keep your business safe and secure.