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Remove your print servers. Move to the Cloud.

Ben Granger-Holcombe | 20 January 2020

Remove your print servers. Move to the Cloud.

Physical printing is still an integral part of many workplace practices and habits.  

Putting aside consumables such as paper and ink\toner, there are still many areas where the relatively high cost of providing this service to users is not often seen or appreciated.  The objective for many companies is to reduce costs associated with printing. It is another element in the Total Cost of Ownership bucket. 

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership with Cloud Print Management 

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the sum-total of all explicit and implicit costs that are associated with providing a service. In other words, whether it is a direct material cost or whether it is cost determined on the usage of time or effort, it all falls under the banner of TCO. The goal for many organisations is to reduce their TCO. 

All resources that are managed in a network come with maintenance and management overhead. Managing your Print Server infrastructure requires most of the same maintenance tasks as other services such as upgrading and patching, maintaining defined levels of availability, inclusion in disaster recovery plans and more. 

In addition, there are the costs associated with supporting the environment. Complexities around printing through virtual desktops, accessibility for remote users and performance quite often come at a cost from the perspective of the Service Desk’s time. Added to this is licensing.  Print services will be hosted on a virtual server that in-turn has a server operating system installed on it which requires a license.  

Companies are seeking smarter, more cost effective and productive ways of providing this core service. Luckily, there is a way! 

More and more companies are moving all their hardware and software infrastructure to the Cloud including their print infrastructure.  They are reaping the complete benefits of a SaaS solution.   

The benefits of Cloud-Based Printing 

  • Reduced server infrastructure footprint 
  • Simplified administration of the print infrastructure  
  • Leveraged Microsoft Azure AD, allowing a seamless sign-in experience 
  • Enhanced security around document release (QR Codes\NFC stickers ““ future blog) 
  • Gained insight and better reporting on print infrastructure and usage costs 
  • Reduced time spent on support and troubleshooting requests 

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 

The move is easy.  Done in 3 steps: 

  • Signup and configure your tenancy 
  • Deploy client configurations 
  • Decommission your old servers

Are you ready to make the move? 

You are ready to move your Print infrastructure to the Cloud if you are: 

  • Seeking a flexible and scalable approach to print management 
  • Commencing the process of migrating to the Cloud 
  • Wanting to reduce your financial and labour costs

Make the move to the Cloud now.  Remove your Print Servers 

Take the step and move your print infrastructure to the Cloud.  The team at XCentral can reduce your operational and management costs, free up your IT resources and move you to a complete SaaS solution.  Reach out to us to find out more and get you started on 1300 881 113