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What’s coming to Microsoft Team Rooms

XCentral News | 18 September 2019

What’s coming to Microsoft Team Rooms

Microsoft has made meeting remotely even easier.

They continue to improve the Team Rooms experience so that everyone feels like they are meeting in one room. You will soon be able to use a Content Camera with Teams. This will bring greater functionality to the use of whiteboards – physical and digital. Presenters will be able to draw on a whiteboard and share content.  Aimed to be easy to use; all that is required is for someone in the meeting to select Content Cameral and the app will be activated.

The camera detects the physical whiteboard, transmits the content to a digital canvas where contents can be cropped, enlarged and added to by everyone in the meeting.  Complete information flow and a more inclusive meeting experience.

What’s coming to Microsoft Team Rooms 1

To find out more about what’s coming to Team Rooms,  the new collaboration features, how easy it is to use, and how much more effective meetings can be, contact an XCentral expert.