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Bolster your Office 365 email security

Angus Mansfield | 4 July 2019

Bolster your Office 365 email security

Don’t assume that your business is not a target for cybercrime.  All businesses are targets, no matter the size.  All it takes is just a click on a link in an email by an employee and your entire business could be compromised.

The statistics on cybercrime are alarming

  • 1 in 4 employees will click on a malicious email
  • 90% of cyber-attacks happen via email
  • $276,000 is the average cost to a company of a cyber attack
  • 9 in 10 companies will experience a phishing attack

Be on the front foot.  Minimise the risks

Cybercrime criminals are getting more advanced and devious in the ways they are attacking company data and funds. Two out of three emails circulating the globe contain unwanted content.  One in four employees click on a malicious email.

Company owners must take responsibility for their IT strategy which includes data safety and a Business Continuity (BC) plan. The BC should include business continuity and data safety. The business continuity plan should address how the business will respond to an attack, how it will operate if it has no access to company data, and how it will manage in the event sensitive data has been compromised.  The consequences of getting data security wrong can be catastrophic.

Few medium sized businesses will have the required cyber-security skills and experience in-house.  The solution is to work with an IT service provider like XCentral.  We can work with you on your IT Strategy and Business Continuity Plan and how to stay on top of cyber-security risks.

Keep your data safe with multi-layered data protection

Anti-virus software alone does not protect your business from cyber threats.  Security needs a multi-layered approach. We are recommending to all our clients to add additional email security with MailGuard to their Office 365.  MailGuard is a specialist data protection software provider with a strong track record in data protection.

Leading companies like Adecco, kikki K, Jemena, Capital Health are just a few who have chosen MailGuard to add the extra level of defence to their Office 365 native email system.

Why we recommend MailGuard with Office 365

MailGuard is cloud-based, has a simple user experience and is completely focused on stopping malicious threats. There’s no software to install, security updates are instant, and you have access to a 24/7 support team.

The software uses AI to predict, learn and anticipate new threats as they emerge. Threat are detected and stopped two to 48 hours ahead of other similar security products.  Reporting highlights the threats blocked.

A small investment with upside

The investment is affordable, scalable with upside. For the cost of a cup of coffee you can help prevent a cyber attack and keep your data safe

We recommend all our clients make this small investment in the multi-layered protection of MailGuard.  If you are unsure, contact us for a free trial so you can see how MailGuard works with Office 365.