Tailored network solutions to improve security and performance

A single point of contact for the configuration, management and monitoring of your network infrastructure. Designed to ensure maximum performance and security without continuity problems.

Our Network Solutions

  •  Managed Network Devices
  •  Managed Firewall & Issue Monitoring
  •  Managed SD-WAN

Managed Network Devices

XCentral provides end-to-end management of your network devices from routers, internet firewalls/security appliances to Local Area Network switches. The service is scalable and can be customised to your needs, allowing you to maximise the value of your network investment and operate at your peak.  What we cover:

Managed Firewall & Issue Monitoring

With our firewall and issue monitoring, we monitor the uptime and health of the equipment and internet link and can address issues before they occur. We also remotely keep the firewall firmware up-to-date, to protect your environment against the latest threats. Our managed plan includes: 

  •  24/7 network monitoring tool & associated reporting
  •  Site-site & user VPN management
  •  Advanced layer 2 firewall with threat management
  •  Web content & application filtering
  •  Automated alerting
  •  Multi WAN & 3G/4G failover capability
  •  Security and stability updates

Managed SD-WAN

From a technological perspective, the SD-WAN concept is simple: devices at one end of the company WAN direct traffic to other endpoints through multi-service WAN or multi-vendor with centralized control, allowing network administrators to configure traffic based on company security policies and regulations. 

  • Business Agility: Rapid deployment of WAN services to remote offices, without the need to send IT personnel for on-site start-up. Bandwidth can be expanded or reduced easily depending on the needs of the business. 
  • Internet Economy:  Internet connectivity is immediately available and with a cost that represents a very small portion of the equivalent cost in MPLS networks. 
  • Cloud-optimised architecture: SD-WAN eliminates inconveniences and penalties traditional MPLS networks equating security, the yield and the connection between the office and cloud, considerably improving the user experience in remote locations during the use of SaaS or cloud-based appliance. 

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