Digital andmobility strategy

A digital, borderless workplace. Where staff is empowered. Where customers experience great.

The workplace is changing rapidly. There is a significant shift in how business operates, staff work, and consumers consume. Staff is demanding a personalised connected experience, choice of device, connectivity, and to work anywhere, anytime. Consumers want more personalised, reliable and convenient services. Business seeks a collaborative, secure, productive and borderless workplace.

Technology is enabling this shift. The trend is mobile and to the cloud.

XCentral is an advocator of innovation, mobility solutions and the power of cloud technologies.

Everyday new technologies are disrupting and revolutionising business. CIOs and businesses are reassessing their strategic direction to cater for the impact.

View technology as driving industry convergence
View technology as driving industry convergence
Observe a rising cyber risk
Observe a rising cyber risk
Believe technology is driving the anywhere workplace
Believe technology is driving the anywhere workplace
Have introduced mobile solutions that are revolutionising their business
Have introduced mobile solutions that are revolutionising their business

Source: IBM, Insights Global C-Suite Study, 2016 and 2019.

Building modern digital workplaces

Clients engage us to create a modern, cost effective, secure, digital platform and to manage their core IT environment and systems. Our solutions free IT staff time so they can focus on initiatives that drive the business and deliver better experiences for staff and customers. We combine modern technology insights, mobility solutions with change management skills.

Our services will transform your workplace to being unified, secure and modern:

Digital and mobility strategy

Assess and create strategies to drive workplace productivity, cost savings, collaboration

Collaboration solutions

integrated voice, data and video tools to enable staff to improve staff productivity and reduce operating and capital costs

Managed services

Fully managed IT operational and enablement support. Reduce your costs. Scalable, secure delivered as-a-service.

Cloud solutions

Design, build, migrate and manage private and public cloud platforms so apps and data can be accessed with ease and security

Device management

Procure, deploy, secure, manage and finance devices (BYOD and CYOD) with a single service

IT security

Multi-layered approach to security: strategy, audits, breach identification, endpoint protection and firewall management

Network services

Design and manage cost effective, flexible single and multi-site environments (WiFi and SD-WAN) with improved performance and lower cost.

Business continuity

Design and manage cloud-based back-up and disaster recovery planning that reduces downtime and builds business resilience

Let us create a digital workplace your staff will never want to leave

Ways technology can modernise your workplace

We understand that it can be difficult to start your cloud journey. That’s why we focus on understanding your current environment to provide an affordable and tailor-made digital solution. We work with M365 as it is scalable and has collaboration, productivity, automation and security features to support business’ digital transformation initiatives.

Discover the benefits to your business by adopting a cloud solution:

Mobility ““ enable your employees to access the data they need when they need it and from any device.

Productivity ““ empower staff to collaborate and share information, co-author and review documents in real time, make decisions more efficiently, and data that has integrity.

Agility ““ streamlining IT processes and application management. Improve speed to market for new projects and initiatives.

Security ““ protect your users, devices, content and applications with the latest security capabilities. Reduce the number and severity of security events and improve compliance.

Cost savings – reduce IT costs in managing legacy applications and devices. Reduce communication, occupancy and travel costs.

Scalability ““ respond to key events and processes with ease! From business expansion, onboarding users and devices through to scaling of web application, you are covered

Staff engagement ““ provide staff with easy access to data, well designed applications and seamless security so they can work when and how they want

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Let’s modernise your workplace

Let us eliminate clunky processes, inefficient work practices, and fragmented technology that is preventing your business from performing and delivering great customer experiences. Take advantage of better scalability, reduced IT costs, quicker and easier deployment, greater security, and improved productivity.

Transform your environment to a modern and digital platform using the full potential of M365 and other new technologies so employees can work, collaborate and communicate easily and productively and connect and interact effectively with customers.

Modernise your workplace technology with XCentral

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