The benefits of a profile-driven device strategy

Getting the right kit is critical but maintaining them and staying current presents the next challenge. XCentral provides lifecycle management of IT assets, leveraging our remote monitoring and management toolset which includes extensive reporting on the age and health of the machines. Through our Smart Device Toolset, we’re also able to maintain your computer suite, ensuring they are always up-to-date with the latest security and stability patches

User profiling

We work with customers to profile their staff based on their roles, responsibilities and working styles. This then feeds into a procurement plan and policy that applies to current and new staff ““ providing the staff with the right kit, and the company with the right return on investment and predictability of spend.

Financial planning

Choosing the right devices for your organisation is an important decision. It’s important for relatively short-term financial reasons, but also for longer-term investments.

Staff satisfaction

The domestic technology experience that your staff have can greatly impact how they see you as a workplace, as it will be constantly compared to their professional technology experience. This doesn’t mean a “top of the range laptop or phone” policy needs to apply in order to attract or retain the right staff, but a “fit for purpose” approach should definitely be taken.

Enable your mobile workforce

of Australian employees reported that technology was key to achieving flexible work environments

With 73% of Australian employees reporting that technology enables flexible work environments, mobility is not seen as optional in today’s working landscape, it is seen as essential. But with increased mobility comes increased security risk. That’s why, XCentral Mobile Device Management can help you manage mobile devices, protecting corporate data whilst leaving personal data intact. Get in touch to find out what options are available to you.

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