Australian organisations have been forecast to spend close to $5.6 billion on public cloud services in 2019.


What the cloud will enable your business to do

Cloud technology and services can deliver significant benefits to businesses and the rate of adoption by Australian organisations is growing rapidly. In our discussions with customers we find many are unsure of where to start their cloud journey and at XCentral we focus on understanding a customer’s current environment and what they are trying to achieve so that we can develop a tailor-made approach as we have found in many cases cloud is only one part of the solution.

Below are some of the key benefits our customers have seen from adopting cloud-based solutions:


Cloud enables better support for mobile workers, whether they are working from home or remotely on the road. The right cloud solutions can provide seamless access to the data they need when they need it and from any device.


One of the biggest advantages of cloud is the ability to easily deploy new applications. No need to buy test equipment or order and configure servers improving speed to market for new projects and initiatives.

Data driven

How will you transform your business for the digital age? Chances are part of the answer has to do with data””your data, the lifeblood of your enterprise. Collected and stored, it doesn’t do much for your organization. But imagine the possibilities when you release its hidden potential, revealing insights and opportunities to transform your business.

Competitive edge

Organisations adopting cloud can move more nimbly than competitors who are still devoting IT resources to managing infrastructure. Cloud platforms are being updated all the time by someone else, so you never have to worry about patching servers again and the latest technologies like Artificial intelligence and machine learning are available to you as soon as they are released.

Business resilience

Utilising cloud for data backups and storage, when designed properly, allows for great business resilience and protection. The counterpoint to this of course is that you need an effective network design to provide resilience against network outages and at XCentral we bring our extensive networking expertise to you to ensure we get this right.


Cloud allows for instantaneous scalability. This is useful, for example, when planning a large web-based marketing campaign. Deploying your website in the cloud – with the right design of course – allows you to access as many resources as you need as website traffic increases but only pay for this when the campaign is active. This makes it easier, faster and more cost effective.

What we do in the cloud

We have a long pedigree in cloud solutions working with public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions including Microsoft Azure (we are a Gold partner for Microsoft cloud solutions).

* We tailor our solutions depending on each customer’s unique requirements and business drivers (functional and regulatory) and lean on years of experience and successes to get the right outcome. We consider workloads and where they should be located, to come up with the right approach tailored to each customer.

A word of warning: A common misconception of cloud is that it is cheaper than running your own infrastructure. Although this is true in some cases, in many situations this is not the case and it’s why we adopt a custom approach for each customer to ensure there is no “bill shock” 3 months after you have moved your key applications and data to the cloud. This is why we work with each customer to map out which workloads are suited to public cloud and which would better suit a hosted or private cloud environment.

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