XCentral RaaS:


XCentral is helping winning retailers drive cultural change and use their technology innovations to improve store performance.

We help retailers measure store results more frequently and precisely, improve mobile sales experience, improve in-store and social media experience. We reduce the time store managers spend on administrative tasks, and help them gain an understanding of the keys to success of their most successful stores and departments. More than ever retailers are leveraging their in-store Wi-Fi to empower cashiers with analytics in hand. If a customer wants a product that isn’t in stock an employee with a mobile app will be able to provide the customer with a product or service much faster. We help retail employees in back offices and distribution centres reduce their reliance on desktop computers and paper reports. Working with live mobile data on a tablet on a daily or even hourly basis is the new norm.

Employee Engagement & Collaboration

  • Powered by Office 365, we help retailers engage with their frontline staff.
  • Successful retailers empower their frontline staff with the “founder’s mindset” and ensure they feel part of the team – we build the delivery mechanisms for this messaging.
  • Modern retailers flatten their corporate structure by allowing senior management to know what’s going on in the frontline. We help build the systems and processes for this open, modern way of working.

% correlation factor

between IoT/BI solution adoption and sales uplift

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

  • We help retailers use I.O.T. (Internet of Things) at relevant points in their business to drive data collection.
  • We help retailers leverage their current data sets (and new ones) to better make decisions.
  • Using things like dashboarding, we can highlight areas of the business performance to employees or management.

P.O.S. CRM & Customer Loyalty

  • Transacting with customers is key, and we help retailers with the selection and implementation of the right point of sales system for them.
  • Knowing your customers and personalising their experience is a focus of the modern retailer – we help organisations get started or optimise.
  • With the right marketing engine, we can help retailers tailor their messaging based on customer information and transaction history.

% of Retailers

have seen an increase in sales as a result of having a loyalty program in place


% of Respondents

are investing in a social presence in the next 12 months


% of Retailers

say they currently sell online

Support & Managed Services

  • There’s no point investing in systems if they start degrading, or you can’t get help. Let us be your outsourced IT department.
  • With dedicated helpdesk staff, we specialise in helping organisations by supporting their frontline staff.
  • Reporting from our Managed Services also allows training for staff to be tailored to increase employee engagement and productivity.

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