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Outsourced IT support

To enable your people to do their best work, you need to provide consistent and reliable IT support. However, providing ongoing desktop and server support can be both time consuming and costly. XCentral can take care of this service on your behalf or can assist your in-house team – ensuring reliable, around the clock support to help you keep your infrastructure continually operational and effective.

Horizon 1: Improve your foundations

Lift the performance of your foundational IT infrastructure by engaging XCentral to provide:

• Remote helpdesk offering full outsourced support (managed services)
• Remote helpdesk offering partially outsourced support (augmented services)
• Onsite staff for short/long term engagements (XCentral People)

Horizon 2: Achieve more with what you have

Fine-tune your digital strategy and approach by engaging XCentral to provide:

• Outcome based support services based on particular workloads
• Self-service portals to ensure users are utilising the systems in full

Horizon 3: Fully leveraging IT to transform your organisation

Completely transform your organisation’s technology or IT offering by engaging XCentral to provide:

• Support data to drive constant improvement and training in your organisation
• Support data and business intelligence to articulate value and commitment to your customers as well as your staff

Not sure what you need? Pinpoint your IT needs now with our solution wheel

Unsure exactly what your IT needs are or what type of solution you require? Which areas should you focus on to gain the greatest competitive advantage? Take a look at this solution wheel.