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Identity and user security management

Onboarding new staff, and enabling them to securely sign-on across multiple channels and devices can be time-consuming and complex – especially as workforces become increasingly mobile. XCentral can streamline this service, by taking care of your organisation’s identity and security management for you – ensuring your people are as effective as possible, while ensuring your valuable data is protected.

Horizon 1: Improve your foundations

Lift the performance of your foundational IT infrastructure by engaging XCentral to provide:

Cloud dedicated active directory
• Cloud shared active directory
• Onsite active directory
• User policies
• Advisory services for user training and risk evaluations

Horizon 2: Achieve more with what you have

Fine-tune your digital strategy and approach by engaging XCentral to provide:

• Multi factor authentication
• Mobile device management
• Server hardening and lockdown

Horizon 3: Fully leveraging IT to transform your organisation

Completely transform your organisation’s technology or IT offering with XCentral’s managed services for:

• Penetration testing and audits
• Red team testing
• Wireless security audits

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