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Data and analytics management

Today, data and analytics are playing a crucial role in helping organisations grow their customer relationships and make faster, more accurate and more strategic decisions. However, determining which data to use – and how – requires considerable time and expertise. Rather than investing in internal resources, the team at XCentral – together with our specialist data and analytics partners – can determine your requirements, create a plan, and ensure you’re leveraging data in a way that’s suitable for your business and your customers.

Horizon 1: Improve your foundations

Lift the performance of your foundational IT infrastructure by engaging XCentral to manage your:

• Database integrity and hygiene
• Data architecture (what lives where and why)

Horizon 2: Achieve more with what you have

Fine-tune your digital strategy and approach by engaging XCentral to provide managed support for your:

• Data warehouse
• Data cleansing
• IoT

Horizon 3: Fully leveraging IT to transform your organisation

Completely transform your organisation’s technology or IT offering with XCentral’s managed services for:

• Business intelligence
• Dashboarding and insights
• Artificial intelligence

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