Microsoft Azure - A seamless extension of your IT environment

Make the Switch Today

Make the Switch Today

Stop paying for expensive on-site server IT infrastructure, make the switch to Microsoft Azure and start enjoying the following benefits:

Scalable – unlimited virtual server access and storage to adapt and grow your business.

Flexible – build and manage your applications using multiple languages, frameworks and tools.

Cost effective – save money on expensive on-site hardware, IT infrastructure and maintenance.

Accessible – access your data and applications anywhere, any time and on any device.

Secure – your data is hosted in highly secure data centres for ultimate peace of mind.

Running Old Technology?

Running Old Technology?

Windows Server 2012 R2 delivered in-house or via Microsoft Azure in the cloud, provides you with many new business enabling features that will transform how you work.

The following features aren't available in Windows Server 2003 or Windows SBS 2003.

Server consolidation - Run multiple virtual servers on a single physical server saving you money, and giving you the Platform to expand your business upon.

Cloud consolidation -  Want never to have to buy a physical server again saving a ton of money on CAPEX expenditures? Microsoft Azure provides all the capacity you will ever need.

Easy remote access -  Enable work anywhere capabilities without a VPN, whilst keeping security and peace of mind knowing your valuable data is protected. Combined with Office 365 for messaging and collaboration from anywhere, you have a winning formula for remote working.

A consistent user experience - Provide your staff with a consistent, well-managed IT experience across the many different types of computers and mobile devices in use.

XCentral - Your Microsoft Specialists

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft’s 2013 and 2014 Small Business Partner of the Year, XCentral is ideally positioned to help your business take full advantage of the Microsoft Azure platform. We’ve been delivering cloud services to clients since 2005 and we run on the Microsoft Azure platform ourselves. But don’t just take our word for it, read this great customer success story…



TalentPay is a leading Australian compliance and talent rights management company. With an ageing desktop and server infrastructure, they engaged XCentral to bring them up to speed and to utilise cloud computing to its maximum capabilities.


XCentral transitioned TalentPay’s entire server infrastructure and primary LoB application to the scalable Microsoft Azure platform, and their desktop environment to the latest hardware and software. Leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure, we cut the capital expenditure for the whole system upgrade by more than 50%.

TalentPay now runs Windows 8.1 Professional with Office 365, connecting to their LoB application in Microsoft Azure. A simple, secure, and cost effective solution that lets them work from anywhere.

“XCentral’s experience is rare in SMB IT providers. They helped us transition several servers here in our office, to the cloud, saving us tens of thousands of dollars in new equipment. They have also helped us maximise our investment in Office 365, and we now feel like we can forget about IT because it just works, and we can focus on doing our work.”

Michele Vernasca – Chief Operating Officer

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XCentral | The Ultimate Destination for IT Solutions

Providing end-to-end IT solutions from applications and devices through to cloud-based platforms and managed services, XCentral delivers the tools needed for seamless IT change management.

We liberate businesses from the burden of maintenance, while driving significant cost savings, productivity gains and long-term operational efficiencies. By making the process fast, simple and seamless, we help our customers enjoy the transformation into a ‘dynamic business’.

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