From Sharepoint to Skype for Business, Microsoft lets you do amazing things

Get the most out of Microsoft Office 365, using Sharepoint, CRM Online and Skype for Business for a complete, trackable communications tool



The new way of working together

With Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint provides your team with new collaboration tools, available anytime, anywhere.

  • Now offers enhanced security technologies, easy to manage and access.
  • Maintains records of communications - never lose those important notes, minutes or chats.
  • OneDrive gives you one central location to store all your work files. Simply store, sync and share for easy collaboration on files with Office Online integration.
  • Yammer extends the collaborative power of SharePoint by enabling an enterprise social network.
  • Additional applications are available to enhance functionality available at the SharePoint Store.

Dynamics CRM Online

Delivering the right customer experience at the right time helps build loyalty, trust and confidence. People don't want to feel like customers any more, they want to feel like they have a relationship. We help you make every customer engagement a relevant and intelligent one, so you can create long term relationships with your customers and deliver amazing experiences

With an integrated Dynamics CRM solution from XCentral, you combine CRM online with Microsoft Office 365, Skype,Yammer and all the other applications you require to connect instantly with your team, enjoying enhanced collaboration and productivity on any device, anywhere.  Drive sales, improve the effectiveness and productivity of your marketing team and deliver truly amazing customer service. We'll show you the right combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office 365 and Power BI to deliver;

  • Personalised customer experiences by engaging them at the right time, in the right place, in the right way throughout the journey.
  • Proactive experiences by determining the next best interaction with your customer based on insights.
  • Predictive customer engagement by leveraging internal and external data to identify patterns and trends. Apply information to make recommendations or suggestions for how best to optimise the customer experience.

Skype for Business

Meet and collaborate online both internally with your team and externally with colleagues for maximum productivity.

Due to its integration with all other Microsoft Office 365 apps, Skype is a crucial part of your productivity platform delivering;

  • Online meetings, messaging, calls and video for up to 250 people.
  • The ability to find anyone in your company and schedule meetings in Outlook.
  • Easily see if colleagues are available, offline or temporarily away from their desk.
  • Enterprise-grade security and management of employee accounts.
Unlock the Power of Microsoft Applications with XCentral's Technology Sessions

Unlock the Power of Microsoft Applications with XCentral's Technology Sessions

With the right application integration, delivered in a fully managed solution, your business can start to do amazing things.

XCentral runs technology sessions at the new Microsoft Flagship Store in Sydney's Westfield. So why not make your business mobile, productive and highly secure by joining us at these greatly valuable sessions.

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