Help your team do amazing things with their favourite apps and devices backed by the security of Microsoft EMS

Empower your team by enabling them with the device of their choice, the applications they need and the security your company deserves.

What is Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)?

Enterprise Mobility Suite offers both flexibility and security to growing businesses, delivering the applications you need on the devices your team love to use.  Layered with the right security and permissions for information access, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is available with Office 365.

XCentral, enables you to harness the power of EMS while saving time and money.

To find out more, watch the latest video showing an overview of Enterprise Mobility Suite and how it works to enable you to deliver amazing things for your business.

Manage Devices and Applications Easily

Manage Devices and Applications Easily

  • Empower your team by enabling them to use the device of their choice including iOS, Android, Windows and Windows phone
  • Stay in control of multiple devices and applications all through one console using mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) both on-premise or in the cloud
  • Keep your corporate data secure leveraging Microsoft InTune
  • Deploy apps and allow users to install on enrolment from a corporate portal
  • Ensure appropriate configuration - deploy certificates, WiFi, VPN and emails once a device is enrolled to enable seamless access to corporate resources
  • Provide comprehensive setting management for password reset, data encryption and device lock
  • Remove corporate data with ease if a device is un-enrolled, retired, lost or stolen
Access thousands of Apps with a Single Log-on

Access thousands of Apps with a Single Log-on

Make users more productive with the ease of a single sign-on for all your corporate applications

Deliver simple and secure identity management using the mobile device management software solution enabling central management of identities across your datacentre and the cloud.

  • Increase productivity and reduce cost by reducing calls to help-desk
  • Introduce self-service tasks via a corporate console
  • Protect access to applications and files across your corporate datacentre and the cloud through additional levels of validation
  • Advanced security reporting, auditing and alerting helps reduce potential security threats
Better Collaboration & Better Security

Better Collaboration & Better Security

Allow your team safer and better access and sharing corporate resources, any-time, anywhere they are
  • Configure access to corporate resources for both on premise and cloud applications while protecting your information.
  • Enable safe sharing of corporate data regardless of user location even when it's shared with others using an encryption policy at file level that follows the document
  • Collaborate more securely be protecting virtually any file type.
  • Safely share files in email or using a cloud storage server-side such as OneDrive or Dropbox
  • Choose from flexible on-premise or cloud deployment options based on your organisational needs
  • Track your shared documents
  • Simplify desktop virtualisation to reduce security risks of saving sensitive information on individual devices.
Unlock the Power of Microsoft Technology with XCentral's Technology Sessions

Unlock the Power of Microsoft Technology with XCentral's Technology Sessions

With the right Microsoft technology and the right advice delivered in a fully-managed solution, your business can start to do amazing things

XCentral runs technology sessions at the new Microsoft Flagship Store in Sydney's Westfield. So why not make your business mobile, productive and highly secure by joining us at these greatly valuable sessions.

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