The Cloud

Cloud computing puts the most powerful enterprise technology within reach of small and medium businesses, with an affordable per user subscription model and minimal capital expenditure.

The ‘cloud’ is a model where business applications, data, software and hardware are managed and stored in world-class data centres offsite, rather than inside your company. Depending on your business requirements or personal preferences, you can place all or part of your IT infrastructure in the cloud.

We’ve been delivering cloud services to our clients since 2005, so in an industry that’s seen a flood of new entrants in recent years, we’re well qualified to identify and then deliver the right cloud solution for your business. And rest assured, the transition will happen quickly and seamlessly.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Transform Your Business

The cloud offers unprecedented agility and scalability for businesses. Because you don’t have to physically install or maintain applications, hardware or systems yourself, you can respond to challenges and opportunities in near real time

Reduce Capital Expenditure

Eliminates the need to purchase, maintain, monitor and upgrade expensive equipment, licenses and hardware such as servers.

Predictable Cash Flow

Simply pay as you go per user per month – tap into enterprise-grade systems on demand for a fraction of the cost.


It’s easy to upgrade as your business grows and evolves – for example you can set up a new staff member with all the tools they need quickly and easily.

Accessible Anywhere 24/7

You and your team, clients, partners and customers can benefit from centralised information and collaboration tools, securely accessed online.


Enterprise-grade data centres take care of the physical environment, archiving, access control, backups and management of the facility.


Systems are expertly managed and monitored 24/7. Multiple servers, backups and networks mean there is no single point of failure, unlike with a single in-house server.

Low Maintenance

With support, upgrades, hardware and software managed externally, you avoid the costs and commitments of employing and training IT staff.


XCentral offers a mix of private, public and in-house cloud services, as well as local data storage and onsite server functionality in the cloud.

The Cloud for Small & Medium Size Businesses

Empower your people to easily share ideas, organise information and get more work done whether they’re around the corner or around the world.

Imagine having your core business tools – enterprise-grade email, files, intranets, databases, web conferencing, messaging, customer management software and more – all securely backed up and accessible 24/7 from anywhere for a predictable monthly investment. Plus, all of this can be securely shared with your approved remote staff, partners and customers.

To see an example of how XCentral helps business become more efficient, mobile and adaptable, check out the ModernBiz page of our website.

The Cloud for Micro Businesses

Why tie your productivity to your location? Using the power of the cloud, we can give you the freedom to work at 100% productivity wherever, whenever and however you like.

Log in to your fully featured email, contacts, calendar and office software from your tablet, laptop or any web browser. Centralise, edit and share your files and information for secure access anywhere via the internet. Everything is synced and backed up, even if your laptop goes missing. All for a very affordable monthly subscription.

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Deborah Hutton
Media Personality

Thanks guys! I really appreciate how fast you get back to me every time. Friendly and responsive service seems to be rare in this industry. I’m particularly thrilled with the remote support.

XCentral in action Jigsaw Search


More than any other business, recruitment is all about connecting and collaborating with people. With offices across Australia, staff working increasingly from the road and confidential real-time databases, Jigsaw Search needed their consultants, candidates and employers to be able to collaborate efficiently and securely from anywhere throughout the day.


Combining cloud-based applications and managed services, XCentral delivered a hosted desktop solution including email,

document storage, business applications and website data integration.

Now the whole Jigsaw team can work as one – anywhere and anytime from their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. With data securely hosted in a tier-one Australian data centre, web searches of their databases are also extremely fast for staff and customers.