XCentral is an award-winning managed service provider and trusted Microsoft partner, specialising in transforming medium-sized enterprises, leveraging the power of Microsoft Office 365.

The power of  

1. Get more done

Office 365 is enhanced with the latest AI tools and include secure cloud file storage.

2. Achieve more together

Office 365 helps your team do more wherever work takes you, even when you’re offline.

3. Build your business

Streamline sales and customer service by tracking interactions and automate workflows.

4. Safeguard your data

Built-in privacy and compliance tools for protection from external threats and data leaks.

5. Simplified for you

XCentral gives you your time back by conveniently managing your setup, users, and data.

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XCentral focuses on your individual needs because we recognise that every business is unique. Book a free consultation with our Office 365 experts to see how we can help you transform how you work, collaborate and engage with your customers.

As a technology partner, XCentral brings a multi-award winning team with over 14 years of delivering strategic business outcomes.


Improve the communication and the collaboration across your geographically dispersed team.

Create better reporting dashboards with the power of AI.


Automate leave requests, forms and more.

Drill into the insights of your organisation’s productivity and use real-time data to drive initiatives that contribute to long-term operational excellence.


Move from CAPEX to OPEX model in the most cost-effective way.

Scalable, moves at the pace of your business.



How XCentral can add value to your business

XCentral, as a trusted Microsoft specialist, is a key pillar in your digital transformation. As an Award-Winning Managed Services provider and experts in change management, having your holistic platform rollout managed by XCentral ensures Microsoft Office 365 is a simple tool enabling more effective business – without interruption.

During your free consultation, a specialist will explain how XCentral can start fixing your major pain points by following a proven methodology that quickly identifies and prioritises critical areas, that best leverage the power of Office 365. You are a phone call away from your digital transformation.

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