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XCentral deploys Cloud-Based Information Hub For Teamwork

Ben Granger-Holcombe | 12 September 2019

XCentral deploys Cloud-Based Information Hub For Teamwork


XCentral deploys Cloud-Based Information Hub For Teamwork

Peoplecare is a private health insurer, providing health insurance cover to over 80,000 members and 200 staff.  Their goal is to make the choice in health cover simpler. Its culture is grounded in its people – the way they interact, team and connect with each other and with members.  Staff provide solutions.  Members receive exceptional service with a ‘personal touchÂ’. Continuous improvement happens.


The health insurance industry is not highly valued by consumers.  People donÂ’t believe private health insurance is essential nor that it is of value. Peoplecare is one health insurer seeking to change consumer sentiment by creating a unique member experience. The organisation is committed to making health insurance understandable and simple for members.  They see technology as an enabler to this.

There was growing frustration in the organisation with the intranet. It was not acting as an enabler of knowledge exchange or assisting with collaboration. It was hard to use, its structure was complex, its design was not appealing, currency of documents was not trusted, and document version control was confusing.

A Modern Information Hub
Leadership sought a fix and established a working group to create a modern knowledge hub that everyone in the organisation could access for real time, accurate and trusted information.  The emphasis was on achieving organisation-wide adoption, improving productivity and member service.

“We pride ourselves on being approachable, knowledgeable and friendly.  We werenÂ’t fully enabling our staff as our main information system, the intranet, was hard to use and clunky – from the search function, document management and control to customisation. We sought a single point of reference for all documents, data and knowledge so staff could deliver ‘exceptional serviceÂ’ to members and leadership had efficient and effective governance to manage the business,” said Tory Macri, Manager Change and Implementation.

“The solution needed to be affordable and easy to implement.  We sought a trusted and secure knowledge exchange and collaboration tool.”

“We wanted technology that broke down silos and creates knowledge fluidity so everyone can freely and easily collaborate.”

Experts in modern workplace architecture
To achieve their goals, Peoplecare turned to XCentral Fair Go Casino who create modern digital platforms and manage the IT environment for businesses.

Ben Granger-Holcombe was XCentralÂ’s lead Manager on the project, “this was a business-outcomes change initiative with specific system and business requirements.  Sourcing the right technology to enable the solution was paramount. The recommendation we put to Peoplecare had full leadership support. We invested a significant time to understand their business and system requirements.”

System and solution
The system requirements were:

  • cloud-based
  • a modern, appealing and simple user interface
  • streamlined access to information
  • content control and ownership
  • audit tracking and document version control
  • document and data security
  • multi-media capabilities for content
  • intuitive and multi-level search
  • easy to customise
  • automated workflows and document linkages

The business requirements focused on productivity, collaboration and member satisfaction outcomes:

  • reduced IT support time
  • minimal costs associated with upgrades
  • reduction in call handling for frontline staff
  • increased quality assurance
  • reduction time taken training and on-boarding staff
  • reduction in processing errors
  • increased staff engagement and satisfaction
  • reduced manual processing

“We recommended Microsoft 365 cloud-based platform which Sharepoint Online is one piece. We designed a solution that is browser-based, easy to use, with fast and accurate search results, has inbuilt data and information security.  An information hub people can access from anywhere.”

“We also added an appealing, modern user interface; a visual design that reflected Peoplecare’s brand,” said Granger-Holcombe.

XCentral. The XFactor.
Head of People, Culture & Capability, Maree Morgan-Monk led the competitive process for a solution provider.  We sought a range of attributes of a supplier, including: project and knowledge management skills, technical and operational knowledge of intranet solutions and collaboration tools, proven track record in system architecture, and consultative relationship management skills.

“XCentral was engaged as they not only know Microsoft products well, they were very thorough in understanding our requirements. They were consultative, and proactive in sourcing viable solutions and designs. Their project plan had clear accountabilities, timeframes and reporting.  From the first meeting they were easy to work with, and were genuine in their interactions with us,” said Monk.

IT support reduced. Collaboration increased.
Prior to the new system there was little ‘open and flexibleÂ’ knowledge exchange across the organisation. Staff had difficulty finding documents and navigating the system.  All system changes, improvements, customisation, training fell to the IT team.  The IT Support Desk was clogged with intranet support tickets.

Now Peoplecare staff collaborate openly on projects within and across departments. Silos have been removed, staff design their own sites, training is easier.  Data is centralised, it is secure, accurate, easy to access, and there are no issues around version control.

“SharePoint Online has reduced the time IT spends servicing enquiries.  There are no more questions of IT, ‘where can I find this?Â’, ‘can you give me access to Â…Â’. The intranet allows for self-service. Staff can create their own sites without IT assistance. My team is happier as they are using their IT skills on initiatives that add more value to the business,” says Elizabeth Lammers, IT Project Improvement Coordinator.

On demand, trusted knowledge
Staff named the information hub PeoplePedia.

Staff has accurate, real-time information on health cover prices, price comparisons, terms and more at their fingertips.  They can effectively answer member and prospective member enquiries, and deal with complaints. There is confidence in the information they are accessing. PeoplePedia is helping Peoplecare connect better with members and prospects.

“Document management is streamlined, and version control is in real time.”

Improved security
SharePoint Online has facilitated a stronger security structure and better practices.  Security is easier to manage across devices as well as data.  The cloud solution makes the system faster, more responsive, and knowledge and information accessible to staff 24/7. In the event of a system fault, data is available within our Business Continuity Response target. Upgrades can be seamlessly deployed with no disruption to business.

“It is great to be able to deliver a modern information hub to the organisation. Helpdesk tickets have reduced. There is now greater security to our systems and the data stored. My staff are freer to focus on adding value and innovating,” Boris Kotevski, Information Technology Manager.

Digital transformation results
Though it is still early in the transformation, the results are showing:

  • Improved call handling time
  • Reduction in processing errors
  • Greater engagement at meetings
  • Increased usage of the system – access, more customised sites
  • Decreased time spent on-boarding new staff
  • Increased awareness of organisational news

“In the first month, we’ve had over 21,000 hits to the front page of PeoplePedia. The home page displays company news and events as well as team updates and quick links to our most used apps. The Hospital and Health Services Team are our power users with over 12,000 hits to their communication site, which houses their staff roster, hospital and medical manuals, guidelines and strategy documents,” Tara Holloway, Health Strategy Specialist.