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If software is eating the world, networks are the dessert

Angus Mansfield | 5 December 2018

If software is eating the world, networks are the dessert

Traditional data networks have long withstood a barrage of attempts by various companies to disaggregate them through software and in a world where software has eaten pretty much everything else this is quite impressive.  It now seems as though the time has finally come as software defined networks and the technologies underpinning them have matured to a level necessary for widespread adoption.

So why now?  There are a few reasons behind the recent growth of SD-WAN adoption:

  • Demand for bandwidth is insatiable. Industry forecasts predict a 300% increase in global internet traffic through to 2021.
  • The traffic mix is changing. Mobile internet traffic is forecast to be 17% of all internet traffic by 2021.
  • Branch network traffic continues to grow. Expected to continue to more than double every 2-3 years.

All of this is leading to wide scale interest in SD-WAN as companies are beginning to realise the importance of the network in delivering a great customer experience.  And after all what is the purpose of the network if not to serve the needs of the application.

What SD-WAN enables

SD-WAN is an important technology becomes it acts as a core enabler for so many other strategic initiatives on every self-respecting technology and business leader’s current to-do list.

SD-WAN benefits

The other reason adoption is taking off is the benefits are quite tangible and easily measured and understood by IT departments and business leaders.  The ability for SD-WAN to support companies ABW strategies allowing employee flexibility on there they work but maintaining security levels as if they were in the office is an easy thing to sell to a CEO.

  • Better resilience.
  • Greater interoperability
  • Improved application performance
  • Better user experience
  • Lower costs – more efficient use of network
  • “As-a-service” delivery models
  • Greater agility: Faster application delivery
  • Greater security: Zero trust approach
  • Reduced complexity: simplified management
  • Real-time analytics: apply resources where needed


All of this is leading to high growth with SD-WAN expected to be 25% of all WAN traffic by 2021.  That’s why at XCentral we have invested in building expertise in deploying and managing complex SD-WAN solutions and have done this across large numbers of sites and diverse business needs.

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