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How 17-year old Bryan landed his first exciting job in IT through XCentral via the Microsoft Traineeship Program

Flavia Fontana | 15 April 2019

How 17-year old Bryan landed his first exciting job in IT through XCentral via the Microsoft Traineeship Program

Bryan, 17 years old, is one of the 150 trainees that has taken part in the Microsoft Traineeship Program which will combine a Certificate IV in Information Technology with paid work experience at some of Australia’s top technology organisations. XCentral, as a leading technology business, joined the pilot program in February 2019 to renew its commitment to helping young Australians pursue careers in the technology industry.

“XCentral are happy to be a part of the program and we are looking forward to having our trainee commence with our team in February. It is exciting to be working with school leavers at such an early stage in their career development. All of us here have positive memories of people and companies who gave us our leg up at the same age, so we are looking forward to having the opportunity to be a positive influence for people in similar situations.”

Philip Patelis, Former Managing Director, XCentral

With the above statement, XCentral welcomed their first trainee Bryan in March 2019 to work Monday to Thursday in their Macquarie Park office. And after 2 months of practical work on our Managed Services Desk, we are pleased to share Bryan’s experience.

Bryan, tell us a bit about yourself and what you are passionate about
My name’s Bryan and I’m 17 years old and I have a passion for technology, networking and cyber security especially. I grew up attached to technology as my brother had introduced me to it when I was around 10-12 years old. Most of my knowledge is from self-learning and I would say that the best way to learn in this field is from hands-on experience.

When and how did you hear about this traineeship program?
I heard about this traineeship program in November through seek.com.au, applied went through a multitude of interviews and an assessment and was accepted into the role over the course of 1-2 months.

What were the top 3 factors that made you decide to undertake this journey?
I’d have to say that the top 3 factors that made me decide to want to undertake this journey would be to a get foot in the I.T Industry, gain on the job experience and earn money while I’m doing these.

What do you expect to take away from this traineeship program?
I expect to take away professional connections within the industry as well as experience that I can apply to my future career. I hope to learn invaluable skills that I can keep for the rest of my life and to be mentored by professionals with amazing skillets.

How was your first day at XCentral?
I have to say, before walking into the office I was quite nervous only having met two members of staff during the interview process as everyone would be. I was introduced to the teams which made everything come together and all the staff members best online casinos. I certainly settled in quite quickly and working with people who shared the same passion as I contributed to it massively. I was faced with challenges that I had never been faced with before, but I was given the help I needed to hit the ground running and got the hang of things quickly.

What are your main duties in the office?
My main duties in office involve responding and resolving tickets through aspects of customer service and applying my current knowledge in the job role. I’m learning new skills every day from everyone, and this must be one of the best opportunities I’ve ever received. So far, I have gone on-site into two different clients and seeing how XCentral is involved in managing the I.T Services of businesses has blown me away.

Is there a particular task or project that you like getting involved into?
I would have to say that hands on projects involving setting up hardware would be one of my favourite tasks. It gives me a chance to “˜play’ with new technologies. I’ve even set up my own firewall next to my desk and the opportunities to learn are endless!

What has been your main challenge so far (if you had any)?
My main challenge so far would have to be adapting to the use of new programs and technologies which I haven’t been around before and I think everyone who has had to use something they’ve never used before would say the same.

Thinking about your future, do you already have an idea of what job you see yourself in?
I would love to work in the cyber security field of IT and be involved in Penetration testing of systems. This consists of legally “˜hacking’ (Pen Testing) a business’ IT Infrastructure to determine vulnerabilities which they can then fix.

What advice would you give to your younger peers who are looking to pursue a career in IT?
Being young myself, I certainly understand the doubts or concerns that others have in leaping into the field of IT and can say that they shouldn’t worry about it. One of the best ways to pursue a career in IT is through dedication, persistence and not giving up. This could be thought about like a computer problem, if you dedicate time towards it, you’ll make progress. If you are persistent, you’ll eventually find a solution, and if you give up then you don’t get anywhere.