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Why Innovation Matters for Small Business

Why Innovation Matters for Small Business

Small Business in Australia delivers 7 out of 10 Private Sector Jobs and recent studies show innovation drives profitability.

Are you a Business Innovator, a Cruiser or a Laggard? Watch the ModernBiz team and John Vamos, our Chairman, discuss how technology drives Small Business innovation and helps deliver greater profitability and improved staff retention.

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The Right IT Solutions

The Right IT Solutions

Microsoft Cloud-based Solutions make doing business faster and more efficient than ever before, at a cost that doesn't break the bank.

Office 365Utilising Office 365 enables your business to have seamless access to not only your email, but all your Productivity tools anywhere, any time and on any device. It's flexibility, delivers a seamless service that is both cost effective and secure.

CRM Online  packaged with Office 365 - Imagine a world with the ultimate flexibility of Office 365 with the smarts of a solid Customer Relationship Management Tool and your productivity can be taken to the next level

Microsoft AzureDelivering the ultimate in flexibility and scalability, Microsoft Azure stops the need for costly on-site hardware, infrastructure and maintenance, while allowing your server access and storage to grow as your business does.

The Modern Biz Makeover

Watch first hand how the team at XCentral help Guardian Strata implement new technologies to improve overall business function and performance.

A webisode series updated weekly by our friends at Microsoft, the series shows how using the right combination of hardware and software makes life easier, takes pressure off staff and improves overall business efficiency.

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Guardian Strata

Guardian Strata

Want to learn more about Guardian Strata's journey - visit the Modern Biz Makeover

An Award winning Strata Management Company, Guardian Strata were seeing inefficiencies in their business due to old and out dated technology that was frustrating staff and delaying completion of work. XCentral assisted by delivering a hybrid solution of on-site and cloud based systems;

Mobility – Seamless and reliable offsite access allows your people to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

Cloud Ready– Strategic outsourcing to cloud services gives you enormous flexibility with tools like hosted email, shared calendars, web conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, instant messaging and intranet creation.

Business Safeguarding - Protecting your business from security risks and systems failure is a top priority. Utilising Azure Cloud back-up and disaster recovery, in addition to multi-facet authentication, enhanced SSL and data encryption increases piece of mind and ensure you can always be back up and working in minutes.

Customer Relationship Management - Ensuring you have the tools to deliver confidence in sales, marketing and customer relationship programs delivers long term customers.

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The Proof through Testimonials

XCentral has years of success delivering IT Solutions and Services, including an award winning and proven track record migrating customers from Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 and Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 R2 and Office 365.

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Conveniently located in Macquarie Park Sydney, we pride ourselves on the delivery of premium IT Solutions and Services to business within the Greater Sydney area. From applications and devices through to cloud-based platforms and managed services. XCentral delivers the tools needed for seamless IT change management. 

We liberate businesses from the burden of maintenance, while driving significant cost savings, productivity gains and long-term operational efficiencies. By making the process fast, simple and seamless, we help our customers enjoy the transformation into a ‘dynamic business’.

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