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XCentral and Microsoft team up to support Not-For-Profits

Angus Mansfield | 16 October 2019

XCentral and Microsoft team up to support Not-For-Profits

XCentral is one of a select group of Microsoft partners worldwide to be able to offer Microsoft 365 Business geared for not-for-profits.

The solution is a platform to assist not-for-profits cut costs in implementation and management, enable their staff to be more productive, and to connect better with their stakeholders – volunteers, donors, members, etc.

“This is just another example of Microsoft’s social responsibility in action, and their commitment to making technology solutions accessible and affordable to not-for-profits,” Angus Mansfield, Managing Director XCentral.

“Most not-for-profits ‘run on the smell of an oily ragÂ’ with a handful of smart and passionate employees.  They are integral to our communities – providing shelter and meals to the homeless, comfort and safety to victims of domestic violence, education support, safeguarding our environment, assisting our most vulnerable, and much more. Yet they are at the greatest risk of not being part of our digital world due to their size and lack of funding.”

“Through XCentral, not-for-profits now have access to the latest cloud security, collaboration and operational efficiency tools with Microsoft 365 Business at an affordable price.  For small to medium sized not-for-profits they will be able to take advantage of up to 10 free Microsoft 365 licences and significant discounts to more licences.  Plus, they get access to a Digital Skills Centre for training and knowledge tools.”

According to a recent study undertaken by Microsoft, 60% of not-for-profits have no policy to manage cyber security risk, and 74% do not have measures in place to protect against their email accounts from being hacked.  Their volunteer, beneficiary, member and donor data is at serious risk of cyber- attacks.

Ben Granger-Holcombe, XCentralÂ’s Director Workplace Solutions believes MicrosoftÂ’s support to the NFP sector is a game changer.

“This will allow many to accelerate their social purpose and impact. Getting access to MicrosoftÂ’s bundled modern workplace technology will enable them to be as effective and productive as any ‘for-profitÂ’ organisation.  Until now, access to the latest best-in-breed cloud technology has not be been possible due to cost, resources and in-house knowledge,” said Granger-Holcombe.

“Microsoft’s pricing of licences for not-for-profits now makes it possible for them to afford sound deployment and more thorough training of the technology for staff, volunteers. The power of the technology will not go to waste.”

XCentral works with many not-for-profits shaping their IT strategy, creating robust and modern IT environments, advising on the most suitable technologies, procuring hardware and managing these assets, securing and supporting staff to fully use the features of the technology.

“Cloud technology is allowing not-for-profits to more easily and affordably scale, and to connect their disparate and mobile staff, members and volunteers anywhere, anytime on any device.  Once there was a fear factor of going to the cloud due to risk, now there is business and reputational risk if you donÂ’t move to the cloud,” says Granger-Holcombe.

“We are looking forward to working with more not-for-profits to bring productivity to their workplace and to connect them better with donors, members, volunteers. Microsoft’s offer will ease the dilemma the sector has with investing for growth at the expense of immediate program funding,” says Mansfield.

At XCentral we are committed to working with more not-for-profits creating modern and secure technology platforms so they can deliver to their social purpose.