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Activate Teams and Video Without The Expense

Ben Granger-Holcombe | 30 September 2019

Activate Teams and Video Without The Expense

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular collaboration tools for workplaces of any size and any industry. There are now 13+ million active Teams users around the world. Organisations are experiencing increased staff productivity and greater security to data being accessed and shared. Staff is working more flexibly, communicating and collaborating via chat, video calls, and accessing files and apps in shared workspaces.

Teams has made it possible for meetings to happen on the go, or to video conference in any sized room – small hubs, boardrooms, to project rooms – sharing screens, with remote participants. The pain-points can be the cost of video conferencing equipment, the varying quality video conferencing solutions, the complexity of how to use the equipment, and the time required of their IT teams installing the equipment and supporting staff use the equipment.

Staff want video. More companies are using video.

An affordable video collaboration solution.

Now there is a reliable and affordable solution for video conferencing using Microsoft Teams.

Logitech has removed the IT complexity and cost, and has a plug and play, scalable video conferencing solution suited to small, medium to large rooms. It is designed for mass meeting room deployment which XCentral undertakes for you. There is a consistent user experience in every meeting room, no technology anxiety to its use, and little reliance on IT support.

Plug and play. Simple one touch, UX.

There is a huddle room solution designed for offices with tight space through to solutions for medium to large meeting rooms. The equipment – camera, speakers, microphones and control hub – are compact, modular and produce amazing optics and sound.

The control hub – Tap – is designed for all sized meeting rooms, is simple to use and there is no mess or complexity with cabling. It can be placed on the meeting room table or mounted on a wall.

Seamless secure cloud solution.

A complete cloud solution that is secure and where software updates happen automatically. XCentral can manage the complete process whether you have an IT department or not. The hardware is now so affordable and scalable. Installation is not costly or complex. There are no room fit-out requirements. We can manage everything for you – installation, training and on-going support of which there is little. Software and security updates will just happen.

Speak to us about fitting out your meeting rooms with Logitech’s high-quality, affordable video conferencing systems for collaboration and productivity.

Fit out your meeting rooms for video and Teams.

Complete the Microsoft Teams collaboration experience with an affordable video conferencing solution from Logitech for any meeting room size.

Try before you buy. Let us organise a demonstration of the system. Come and experience the system in a variety of room sizes.