The workplace is changing rapidly and so are the needs and expectations of employees. Research conducted recently across more than 1000 employees of Mid-sized Australian organisations revealed some interesting findings:


% of the workday

spent looking for the right information


% of Australian employees

use more than one work space on any given day

At XCentral we understand the requirements of the modern user and how organisations can cost effectively deliver a modern workplace that meets these rapidly evolving needs

Create a digital workplace your staff will never want to leave

Device management

Comprehensive device and fleet management for Windows and Mac devices including procurement, financing and device-as-a-service options.  We can also advise on how to deliver BYOD (bring your own device) or CYOD (choose your own device) strategies effectively.

Productivity insights

Using advanced tools like Microsoft workplace analytics to uncover opportunities for productivity gains.

Work everywhere

Designing and managing advanced networking solutions that can apply the right level of security for the specific environment e.g. limiting access to sensitive data from unsecure locations e.g. Wifi hotspots in public locations.

Collaboration tools

Using advanced information-sharing technologies including Dropbox Business, Azure directory services and intranet and content portals to better collate and organise company data so that’s it’s more easily accessible by employees from any device or location.

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Observe a rising cyber risk

Believe technology is driving the anywhere workplace