Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct

XCentral is proud to announce our partnership with the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity.

By using deep learning, we are able to predict and prevent any kind of threat – known and unknown - in real-time before any damage can occur. Unlike detection and response based-solutions, which wait for the execution of the attack to react, or post-execution which is too little too late. Our prevention centric approach keeps our customers protected while dramatically reducing costs at the same time.

Join us as we deep dive into deep learning

A two-hour session that will provide you with a rich understanding of the technology and its implementation to cybersecurity.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get acquainted with the most advanced, innovative technology and how it is applied to cybersecurity.


Why Deep Learning?



time to predict and prevent


to investigate


to remediate and contain

Deep learning, also known as “deep neural networks” is the most advanced subset of artificial intelligence, and takes inspiration from how the human brain works.

It’s the first and only AI method capable of training directly on raw data and does not require feature engineering by a human expert. Deep learning is the only method that analyzes 100% of the raw data and can scale well to hundreds of millions of training samples. It continuously improves as the training dataset becomes larger and larger and provides multiple levels of non-linear correlation between data features.

Among all other solutions to combat cyber threats, deep learning is proven to be most effective, resulting in unmatched detection rates and lowest false positives.

What We Offer

Our solution provides full protection that is based on a prediction and prevention first approach, followed by detection and response, with unmatched efficacy against any cyber threat, using the following multiple layers:




  • Deep Static Analysis on any type of file preventing the attack before the files are accessed or executed.
  • Additional layer of protection based on file reputation, both for known malicious files and benign files.
  • Script Control: A compliance and policy infrastructure to eliminate the script-based attack surface.



  • Deep Behavioral Analysis to mitigate enhanced ransomware threats, code injection techniques and known payloads, and applying automatic remediation.








  • Deep Malware Classification in real time; without any human involvement.
  • Advanced Threat Analysis services for threats found in the organization.
  • Quarantine files, restore and delete files remotely, terminate running processes, isolate the device from the network, whitelist and blacklist of files.

Premium Threat Analysis Reports

The introduction of Deep Instincts’ Deep Threat Analysis Report, also part of its new threat analysis services, gives organizations a stronger line of defense by helping them better understand more about thwarted attacks on their environment. The executive report enables visibility of prevented threats almost instantaneously, unlike lengthy delays organizations experience expect with similar reports, enabling a clearer view of the threat environment and saving time and money analysing future dangers.

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