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Recruitment Systems is the maker of TRIS – the Total Recruitment Information System. TRIS is process automation software designed for the recruitment sector. When installed and configured, TRIS can radically transform a client’s business and deliver significant productivity gains and direct contribution to the bottom line. As a mission-critical application, TRIS needs to be available at all times to the agency and their consultants. If there is an infrastructure issue that compromises access to TRIS the effects on the business are immediate and profound.


By delivering an end-to-end hosted solution, XCentral provides a fast, stable and fully supported hosting solution that Recruitment Systems can deliver to its clients via a simply monthly fee. As a total solution, it integrates seamlessly with email and office software. With a solid platform and technical support included, support requirements have dropped by over 60%.


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Deborah Hutton
Media Personality

Thanks guys! I really appreciate how fast you get back to me every time. Friendly and responsive service seems to be rare in this industry. I’m particularly thrilled with the remote support.