Honan Partners


Having experienced outages, lack of remote access, and unstable performance from their onsite server, Honan Partners were feeling the pain of ongoing IT problems. They needed a total sourcing IT partner who could liberate them from the day-to-day burden of IT management, so they could focus on providing exceptional accounting services.


Taking a very consultative approach, XCentral designed and implemented a new fully-managed IT infrastructure combining in-house and offsite cloud-based solutions.

The solution delivered fast and secure remote access, automated backups, standardised computer setups, proactive system maintenance and responsive support on demand – all the things needed to ensure a smooth and reliable IT operation. Since the move to XCentral over four years ago, there has not been a single outage.


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Deborah Hutton
Media Personality

Thanks guys! I really appreciate how fast you get back to me every time. Friendly and responsive service seems to be rare in this industry. I’m particularly thrilled with the remote support.