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Problem :

Every business wants to grow. But with growth comes growing pains. So with teams spread over five buildings and many staff working remotely, Clarke Murphy Print onsite server and aging IT systems became a hindrance to growth, rather than a driver. They lacked flexibility, scalability and were costly to maintain.

Problem :

Having custom designed an integrated solution around their business needs today and into the future, XCentral was able to migrate the entire company to Microsoft Windows Server 2012 within 10 hours.

The solution includes remote desktop access for remote workers, hosted line of business applications, the latest business productivity software and fully automated backups – all managed and supported by XCentral’s local team.

Printing in the cloud has a silver lining

With a fast growing business yet rapidly aging IT infrastructure, Clarke Murphy Print asked XCentral to transform their printing business using the power of cloud-based technology.

Established in 1905, Clarke Murphy Print is a family business that has pioneered printing in Australia for five generations. They offer market-leading offset, digital and wide-format printing as well as finishing, warehousing and distribution all in one state-of-the art facility.


Growing pains

Clarke Murphy Print is committed to consistently growing their business. Despite a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry, they have achieved growth both in terms of size and profitability. But like many small businesses, along with growth comes growing pains.

While Clarke Murphy Print has always invested in the latest printing technology, their business IT infrastructure and hardware was over 6 years old. It had become a hindrance to growth, rather than a driver of it:

  • It lacked flexibility, had reached the limit of its scalability and was becoming more and more costly to maintain.
  • Adding new staff members was complicated
  • With 22 staff spread over five buildings and mobile workers needing fast and simple remote access to files, applications and emails, using VPNs had become too cumbersome and slow.
  • At the same time, the business was introducing new line of business applications requiring fast and secure hosting.

Moving with the times

As the company, and the entire industry, has made the shift into digital printing in recent years, technology had shifted from being a basic operational necessity to being a core strategic asset central to the success of the business.

The rise of digital printing has led to increasing online approvals, sharing of huge electronic files, real-time scheduling and a demand for near real-time integration between the customer, staff and printing processes.

"With a large proportion of our workforce being on the road or needing to work remotely, access to information is imperative.”
- Benn Murphy, Director, Clarke Murphy Print

The existing set up

Prior to the upgrade, Clarke Murphy Print had two physical servers to run their core line of business applications including their main customer relationship management solution, quoting system and financial management software. The desktop environment was primarily made up of Windows XP desktops with Office 2003, as well as some machines with Windows 7 and Office 2010.

To add to the complexity of a major upgrade of their core technology, Clarke Murphy Print also needed a secure server to run their brand new line of business application for their innovative Web2Print solution.

The bottom line

With a potential need for 3 servers and a combined 30+ laptops, desktops and mobile devices, along with all the associated licensing and services, we were looking at a significant investment. Quite rightly, Clarke Murphy Print was rigorous in the cost benefit analysis. For a small business, every dollar invested needs to ultimately deliver a return, and the system needs to meet their needs today and into the future.

The challenges were clear. The next step was putting together an enterprise-grade solution to meet their needs with a cost-effective price tag to satisfy their budget.


Working together

By taking the time to gain a clear picture of their current environment, as well as working with the Clarke Murphy Print management team to fully understand future objectives, XCentral was able to custom design an integrated solution to meet their needs today and into the future.

Our immediate objective was to take the burden of IT off Clarke Murphy Print to free them to focus on their core business of printing. Then, our ultimate goal was to transform their business technology from an expensive headache into a powerful driver of efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage.

In a nutshell, the solution included streamlined remote desktop access for remote workers, a hosted line of business applications, the latest business productivity software and fully automated backups – all managed and supported by XCentral’s local team.

A fully integrated solution

The solution includes 3 x Windows Server 2012 servers in the core, 3 x Windows Server 2008 servers that run core printing machines, as well as a combined 31 desktops/laptops on the network joined to the domain.

Combining Windows 8 integration with Windows Server 2012, Office 2013 and Office 365, we were able to maximise Microsoft’s latest advances in technology to dramatically improve stability, flexibility, manageability and end-user performance.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 was implemented to enable effortless online collaboration for remote teams and for backups we implemented StorageCraft, ShadowProtect and BackOnline.

“Mobile staff now have fast and simple remote access to files, applications and emails. Their time is now spent growing the business instead of taking time accessing our internal systems.”
- Benn Murphy, Director, Clarke Murphy Print

Freedom to get on with the job

What bound the solution together is the need for reliability, responsiveness, cost effectiveness and simplicity. Clarke Murphy Print wanted the freedom to get on with their lives or daily tasks, the flexibility to work where and when they want, using the devices of their choosing, and they wanted all this in a secure, controlled environment. An integrated Microsoft solution met these objectives and more.

“Windows 8 exceeded expectations in regards to user adoption, and when combined with dual screens has dramatically increased productivity across the board. Through our Managed Services, XCentral continues the positive end user experience of Microsoft technology.”
- Benn Murphy, Director, Clarke Murphy Print

Proof is in the PRINTing

As XCentral has been delivering cloud services since 2005 and an established provider of Microsoft products (of which Clarke Murphy Print were already a user), we were well qualified to identify and sell in the best-of-breed solution for Clarke Murphy Print and assure them that despite the dramatic change, the transition would happen quickly and seamlessly.

Once we’d done the groundwork, we were able to successfully migrate the entire company to Windows Server 2012 within 10 hours with no downtime.

The result has been nothing short of a transformational leap forward for Clarke Murphy Print.

“The lead project estimator at Clarke Murphy Print stated his productivity has increased 30-40% as a result of the total solution.”
- Benn Murphy, Director, Clarke Murphy Print

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