Asset Management


Smooth, fast and predictable hardware and software procurement

The procurement of hardware and software is essential to guarantee the continuity of operations. In fact, when the asset management of new devices and software is associated with a strategy, it leads to long-term financial benefits – up to 38% in savings each year according to a research conducted by Gartner. Continuous monitoring of device performance and warranty allow us to give you an overview of the life cycle of your assets, helping you plan ahead for the current and next financial year. Thanks to the allocation of a procurement manager dedicated to your business and our relationships with the best vendors, we will make the procurement process faster and smoother than it's ever been.


% in savings each year

by adopting a procurement strategy

Asset Lifecycle Management Offering

  • Software Asset Management
  • Hardware Asset Management
  • Warranty Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring

Lower risks of breakdown time

The use of monitoring software ensures that we have a 360-degree view on every device at any time of the day or night. This allows us to predict hardware failure and technical problems that could result in hours of productivity.

Better budget planning

One of the biggest business challenges is budget planning. Our job is to help you create a procurement strategy that fits both your business and your budget. Thanks to flexible payment options and the leasing services for servers, computers and laptops, XCentral will make sure that the lifecycle of your IT assets becomes a predictable expense.

Faster turnaround

XCentral is committed to organising the fastest turnaround possible to help your staff resume their activity with minimal downtime. Through our privileged support line, we can arrange replacement shipments on the same day or rent a device while yours is waiting for repair.


We'll create consistency without limiting your staff from choosing the device they prefer to work on. Whether is a laptop, a PC or a tablet, we'll make sure that they are always working in a safe, secure and managed environment.

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