Application and server management

Today, more and more organisations are moving their servers and applications to the cloud, seeking greater cost effectiveness, less maintenance and a more sustainable IT approach.

However, determining which assets to move to the cloud – as well as when and how, can be challenging. XCentral can help you define a suitable strategy for your applications and servers, as well as save you time and reduce your maintenance effort through our outsourced management service.

Shelley Barrett, CEO at ModelCo.

"XCentral helped design a system for us which not only met our current needs but also took into consideration our future requirements. With ModelCo being a premium makeup company, we use a lot of high-resolution images for our products, and space was always an issue. We now have a scalable solution that can grow as we grow. This, combined with the flexibility of the server software XCentral implemented for us, gives us the freedom that we have always wanted."

Horizon 1: Improve your foundations

Lift the performance of your foundational IT infrastructure by engaging XCentral to manage your:

  • Maintenance, monitoring and support of application servers
  • Maintenance, monitoring and support of database servers
  • Maintenance, monitoring and support of network access servers
  • Managed development environments
  • Desktop Virtualisation
  • Testing environments

Horizon 2: Achieve more with what you have

Fine-tune your digital strategy and approach by engaging XCentral to provide managed services for:

  • Real-time application monitoring and alerting to enable more data driven decisions
  • Lighting up business intelligence on your existing application data sets.

Horizon 3: Fully leveraging IT to transform your organisation

Completely transform your organisation’s technology or IT offering by engaging XCentral’s to help you:

  • Migrate your applications and servers to the cloud
  • Change your application or server delivery
  • Evaluate and select new toolsets

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