Advisory Services


The mid-market is being disrupted now more than ever; at the same time, technology has never been more affordable.

Brad Miller

Partner, National Service Line Leader - Advisory, KPMG Enterprise.
Organisations that don’t invest in technology will be severely disadvantaged over the next 3-5 years.

How does XCentral help mid-market organisation stay competitive with limited budget and capacity for focus outside of your core business?

vCIO Services

At XCentral, we offer a Virtual CIO (vCIO) role, where we work with our customers at a strategic level, guiding and outlining the technical direction to form a transformation roadmap

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are world class. We can consult on a range of areas, providing advice, documentation, designs or reports.

Get started with an XCentral Current State Analysis

Our Current State Analysis service is the best way for businesses to objectively understand where they currently sit with their present-day IT environment both functionally and strategically, and where they need to be in order to meet their business objectives. Many customers attest to this review being a pivotal exercise in understanding and making a data-driven decision around their IT direction and investment.