Micro Businesses

If you own a business or work in a small team, we can set up and maintain the technology you need to work productively, efficiently and collaboratively. And we’ll do it simply and at a price you can afford.

Unless you’re working in a large corporation, you miss out on the comfort of having ‘The IT Team’ on hand to keep you up and running. From design to implementation and support, XCentral can be your first and only point of call when it comes to technology.

Whether it’s enterprise-grade hosted email, enabling you to work from anywhere with mobile devices, keeping your security updated, automating backups or proactively monitoring your systems to keep them running smoothly, we give you the smart tools you need to streamline your business and simplify your life.

Solutions for Micro Business

Hardware & Software

Working with a small team, you can’t afford downtime. You need to simply fire up the computer and have everything just work.

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Connect & Collaborate

Enjoy the freedom to connect in real-time to your colleagues online and have full access to your documents and software from anywhere.

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The Cloud

Why tie your productivity to your location? We can give you the freedom to work at 100% productivity wherever and whenever you like.

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Managed Services

When it comes to technology, good help is hard to find. If you’re a micro business, finding the right long-term partner can be even tougher.

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Not as efficient as you could be? Want to be more mobile? Got security insecurities? Or just have a technology question? Let’s talk.

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Deborah Hutton
Media Personality

Thanks guys! I really appreciate how fast you get back to me every time. Friendly and responsive service seems to be rare in this industry. I’m particularly thrilled with the remote support.

XCentral in action Ruminator


With three sites in Melbourne, one site in Hawaii and a lot of travelling in between, it became clear that the in-house server was limiting the business performance – speed was sluggish, remote access unworkable and team collaboration not possible.


Being in the investment industry Ruminator had enterprise-grade performance, backup and security requirements.

Through a combination of in-house and cloud technology business applications, files and email are all accessible securely online from anywhere in real-time – even from Hawaii. Due to high security needs, email is hosted on Australian-based DSG-G certified infrastructure.