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We bring a world of experience to your office. From the Fortune 500 IT environments, to the individual needs of business people, we are experts at translating big business benefits into simple and effective solutions for micro, small and medium size businesses.

No matter who you deal with at XCentral, you’ll get the same commitment, the same positive experience, the same level of insight and expertise. We love getting straight to the core of the issue giving our customers precise answers – no jargon, and absolutely no unnecessary complexity. Just simple, effective IT solutions delivered by our local team of experts.

We’d love the opportunity to talk with you about how we can help transform your entire business, or liberate you from a particular problem or headache. Somewhere within our range of end-to-end IT services, solutions and managed services there’ll be the perfect solution for you. It’s simple, because we make it that way.

Incidentally, we’re hiring!

If you’re passionate about technology and business, we’d love to hear from you.


XCentral’s leadership team:

John Vamos


John Vamos, since 2005 has assisted XCentral to implement a performance scorecard, redevelop the organisational structure and document an actionable strategic vision for the business. The result has been a unified Board with a clearer vision, a framework of accountability for management and a robust business model that has driven strong growth ever since. Following the partnership, John Vamos, Managing Director of Business Coaching Systems, was selected as the official independent Chair of XCentral in 2013.

John began his career in the Financial Services Industry, he is a Macquarie University graduate (Arts and Law), and holds a Diploma in Life Assurance from Deacon University. John discovered early success in this industry, developing selling strategies which took MLC’s twenty-seventh ranked division to number one. He was elected to represent his profession, ultimately earning a place on the National Board of the Australian Life Writers Association (ALWA).

John Vamos is a prominent Director, sought after speaker, published author, Accredited Advisor and member with both Family Business Australia (FBA) and the Family Firm Institute (FFI) in the United States. John also sits on Private Company Boards, as Independent Chairman, in a variety of Industries, including but not limited to; Hospitality, Technology, Wealth Management/Philanthropy, E-commerce and Retail.

Described by his peers as “Australia’s most gifted generator of positive change for Enterprise” John Vamos has written two books with the most recent entitled ‘Elephants and the Business Laws of Nature’.

As a dedicated market-leading Business Coach, Facilitator and Corporate Advisor, John’s focus remains in business performance and the commercial elements of XCentral, and as he leverages his knowledge and skills sets in strategy, board effectiveness, governance and sales.

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Phil Patelis

PHIL PATELIS Managing Director, Co-Founder

Phil Patelis brings a deep understanding of both strategic business and cutting edge technology to XCentral. With the right tools and approach, Phil believes the most complex challenges can be turned into simple, yet effective solutions. Solutions that transform the way organisations and their people use and experience IT.

Phil was at Comtech when it was acquired by Dimension Data Australia – one of the world’s largest system integrators for Fortune 500 companies.

This background at the enterprise end of IT gives Phil the ability to approach challenges at a strategic management level, neatly matched with a complete appreciation of hands-on technical requirements. Needless to say, this experience is backed-up with a wide range of formal certifications.

With a life-long passion for technology, Phil is known for mastering new innovations and understanding how, where and when they should be integrated into organisations. In fact, the most refreshing thing about working closely with Phil (as his recommendations on LinkedIn point out) is that he’s happy to share his insights openly with clients – and in plain English too!

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Angus Mansfield

ANGUS MANSFIELD Sales Director, Co-Founder

Angus Mansfield has taken an international route to his current position at XCentral. Beginning his career as a Systems Engineer with Dimension Data, Angus worked on a series of interesting customer-facing projects with some of our region’s largest corporations. He then transferred to the U.K. and developed IT solutions for some major brands in the global banking sector.

For XCentral’s clients, Angus applies his corporate experience and technology insights into simple, yet powerful solutions. He takes the view that complex thinking actually amounts to very little if the outcome doesn’t effectively solve the challenge at hand. So while XCentral deals with the complexity, Angus’ clients enjoy the outcome.

Being respected and connected in the local IT and business community, Angus has introduced a number of well-known businesses and people to the XCentral client community.

They partner with XCentral for a key strategic reason: knowing they will receive personal, tactical, strategic and visionary levels of service and support. It’s a transformative experience for some, and a liberating experience for others. But for Angus’ clients, the experience is never the same.

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Mohammed Dean

MOHAMMED DEAN Service Delivery Manager

Mohammed Dean has worked in various industries and have finally found home at XCentral. He started his career in the government sector working for ITC Services (Service provider for the Government of Fiji) before migrating to Australia and working in the medical, retail and hospitality industries in an IT capacity.

Mohammed is solutions-oriented and has a commercial approach. He provides clear direction, ensuring that his customer’s business needs are understood by his organization and that of any service provider. The service providers that work with Mohammed know what is expected of them especially in terms of delivery in a timely manner and outcomes that align to strategic milestones along the way. His business acumen and desire to get his company operating at its peak is second to none and this only equates to better quality of service for his clients.

Mohammed has been involved in numerous customer-facing projects involving multiple sites in different states and islands and has post graduate qualification in project management. Mohammed thrives for better quality, cost and time and this is always music to the ears for his clients.

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Tim Riley

TIM RILEY Operations Manager

Tim Riley brings a fresh outlook to XCentral with varied business experience outside the I.T. industry. Tim worked as a mechanical engineer for AGL and Agility management in a technical role revolving around strategic business decisions and development. Recently Tim worked as a consultant to a medium-sized retail chain of stores, implementing Office 365 and bringing a cloud solution to a retail problem. As such Tim brings invaluable process and systematic skills to XCentral.

Tim is also our resident HR manager having also completed a bachelor’s degree at Moore Theological College and worked a number of years as a Christian pastor for a prominent church denomination. As such, Tim also brings honed people skills to our XCentral team and customers.

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