Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)

Rather than paying up front to buy expensive business software, many businesses now license software using a predictable per user, per month model.

From your everyday office software and communication solutions through to sophisticated collaboration tools and business applications, we can help you create a tailored solution to match your needs. 

You simply pay for what you need when you need it and enjoy significant cost savings, manageable cash flow and reduced capital expenditure along with a range of compelling business benefits. 

Benefits of Software-as-a-Service

Pay as you go

The per user per month model means you can easily scale up and down as your needs change without locking in expensive upfront purchases.

Latest software

Your subscription can include software upgrades so you can move to the new version as soon as the next version is released.

Onshore hosting

We use top tier Australian data centres, which means fast access (low latency) and high availability. For highly sensitive or confidential applications, we can also facilitate a Defence Signals Directorate certified gateway (DSD-G) to PROTECTED level.

Local and personal technical support

Rather than outsource to third parties, our local experts know your business and are on hand to help in Australian time zones.

Flexible solutions

As a hosted solution, you have more options in terms of applications that can be hosted, advanced functionality, developer customisation, integration with your systems (e.g. single-sign-on) and reporting.

Enterprise-grade data centres ensure high levels of security, full backups and disaster recovery.

Licensing advantages

Where possible, we offer monthly subscriptions – rather than annual or two-yearly commitments – so you can add and remove users easily.

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Deborah Hutton
Media Personality

Thanks guys! I really appreciate how fast you get back to me every time. Friendly and responsive service seems to be rare in this industry. I’m particularly thrilled with the remote support.