Client Feedback

Client feedback is a important means of monitoring our service successes. Below is recent feedback we've received from our customers.

Feedback received from Gavin Bell, Director Jigsaw Talent Management

Q) Why you choose XCentral as your IT service provider;
A) We needed somebody to advise, manage and maintain our IT and Phone infrastructure so that we could get on with our core business of recruitment. XCentral were recommended to us by another business who had outsourced their entire IT needs to XCentral with great success.

Q) How long has XCentral been providing the IT services to your organization;
A) Coming up for 10 years

Q) Scope of services by XCentral;
A) The infrastructure management that XCentral provides has evolved as our business and technology has changed over the last decade. When we first began XCentral provided us with our own on-site servers and infrastructure, whilst now we are pretty much fully cloud based. As technology solutions changed XCentral would make sure that we were getting the most efficient and appropriate IT and Phone solutions, phasing in new services after they had been tested in other external environments first. In addition to the brilliant helpdesk that are always able to resolve any problems we have, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that our users don’t see, like software upgrades and fixes during nights, which means that macro and micro infrastructure issues that occur in other businesses don’t occur in our environment as they are prevented before they appear.
In addition, in nearly 10 years of trading and in a business that is totally reliant on its IT and Phone systems it is testament to XCentral’s management that we have never had our systems compromised, hacked or infected and have never lost a day’s trading because our IT systems weren’t working, which I suspect is fairly unusual.

Q) How would you rate XCentral’s service such as response & resolution time, availability to attend to your request, ability to resolve complex system issues (technical expertise), awareness of industrial trends and ability to recommend cost effective solutions?
A) All the things listed above are exactly the services we need and have relied upon XCentral to provide, which they have done very effectively and at all levels of the business. I am always amazed that whoever I talk to in their business they instantly know what we do, how our infrastructure is set up and either how to resolve any issue we have or who at XCentral can resolve it. They are genuinely interested in getting you the fix or solution you require as quickly as possible and they are tenacious in ensuring a solution is found and never need ‘chasing up’ as is often the case with other service providers I have encountered. Not only do they make sure our business works efficiently, they have often stopped me from making technology mistakes or investing in the wrong things at the wrong price, saving me time and operational pain in the process. I would rate them as easily the best supplier of services we have.

Q) If you have to pick an improvement opportunity / weakness for XCentral, what would that be?
A) From a service delivery perspective I wish they weren’t just IT and Phone experts, but could also manage our banking, sales, customer service etc, etc!

I hope this helps and I am more than happy to verbally expand on any of the above if needed, but if you do choose to use them you will be in very safe hands and won’t regret it.

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Deborah Hutton
Media Personality

Thanks guys! I really appreciate how fast you get back to me every time. Friendly and responsive service seems to be rare in this industry. I’m particularly thrilled with the remote support.