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Technology problems – and solutions - come in all shapes and sizes. To get results, you need customised, targeted, creative solutions that hone-in on your specific business, the stage you’re at, and your unique requirements.

At XCentral, we rely upon decades of IT consulting and delivery experience, as well as our trusted network of specialist partners, to offer a broad range of innovative, end-to-end technology solutions and services. Whether you’re wanting to modernise your infrastructure, overhaul your IT strategy, strengthen your organisation’s offering, or embark on a fresh, new IT project, we can help.

Working just like master builders, we design, architect and deliver world-class solutions, employing specialist and experienced partners to deliver any required component not in our own toolkit. Importantly, we supervise each and every project element, and remain as your single point of contact and support, from start to finish.

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Advisory services

To make the best technology decisions, you need to have a sound strategy in place. Our experienced team will take the time to understand your needs, and deliver customised, targeted advisory solutions based on your specific business.

Managed user productivity and collaboration services

Enable your people to do their best work by giving them the best available productivity and collaboration solutions, as well as the right level of support. From selecting the right tools for the job, to ensuring your users are getting the most out of them, we can provide the level of care, support and expertise your people need to work productively and efficiently every day.

Application and server management

Today, more and more organisations are moving their servers and applications to the cloud – seeking greater cost effectiveness, less maintenance and a more sustainable IT approach. XCentral can help you define a suitable strategy for your applications and servers, as well as save you time and reduce your maintenance effort through our outsourced management service.

Outsourced IT support

To enable your people to do their best work, you need to be constantly maintaining your systems, and providing consistent and reliable IT support. However, ongoing specialist desktop and server support can be both time consuming and costly. XCentral can take care of this service on your behalf, or we can assist your in-house team – ensuring you have the reliable support you need to keep your users and infrastructure operational and effective, around the clock.

Outsourced security, reliability and performance

To protect your organisation’s data – and your customers’ – you need reliable, robust security, data back-up and redundancy measures in place. XCentral can take care of this for you, with around the clock security protection, performance optimisation, and robust data back-up and disaster recovery measures.

Identity and user security management

Getting users set up (or disabled), and enabling them to securely sign-on across multiple applications and devices can be time-consuming and complex – especially as workforces become increasingly mobile. XCentral can take care of your organisation’s identity and security management for you – ensuring your people are as effective as possible, while ensuring your valuable data is protected.

Hardware, networking and infrastructure management

To be productive, your people need robust, high-performing devices, and a fast reliable network and IT infrastructure. At XCentral, we can manage all of your hardware, networking and infrastructure set up and maintenance – removing the burden from your internal IT teams and reducing your overall costs. We can provide real-time insight into your fleet and infrastructure and provide guidance and services to ensure you always have what you need.

Data and analytics management

Today, data and analytics are playing a crucial role in helping organisations grow their customer relationships and make faster, more accurate and more strategic decisions. Whether it be business intelligence or utilising artificial intelligence, you can maximise results for your business by outsourcing your data analytics management to the experts at XCentral.

Advisory services
Managed user productivity and collaboration services
Application and server management
Outsourced IT support
Outsourced security, reliability and performance
Identity and user security management
Hardware, networking and infrastructure management
Data and analytics management


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At XCentral, we provide valuable services at every step of the IT journey – whether you’re wanting to tackle a specific project or evolve your overall digital strategy.

As your master builders in IT, we will work closely with you to understand your needs and then design, implement and support the best possible solution. Where required, we engage highly experienced technology partners to fulfil specialised components. This means we are able to provide a very broad range of solutions and services, depending on your unique requirements.

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