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WE DO AMAZING THINGS IN THE DATACENTRE, IN YOUR OFFICE, ON YOUR DESKTOP, IN THE CLOUD. In fact, through everything you use, and everywhere you use it, to experience technology.
Together with Microsoft, we’re creating a world where cloud-powered mobile and productivity applications are giving you and your team the tools you need to do amazing things. And we’re supporting this world with award-winning customer service and support.

XCentral in action SAPPHIRE GROUP


With an ageing IT infrastructure struggling to keep pace with a rapid growth trajectory, Sapphire Group engaged XCentral to help transform and scale their business through technology.


By taking the time to gain a clear picture of the current environment, as well as working with key personnel to understand future objectives, we were able to design a fully integrated hybrid / cloud solution comprising the latest Microsoft products.

This solution transformed their IT from a costly and frustrating headache into a powerful driver of efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage.